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GPR 2021 Teams

Ocean Sheroes

This four-woman team have a vision of a world where sustainability is second nature, where people are connected, both with each other and their surroundings, and who are empowered by these connections, to challenge the status quo.
Charities: Seabin Project:

Girls Who Dare

We are Girls Who Dare; a team of women who, in May 2021, will set off from California to row 4,000 kilometres across the Pacific Ocean to Honolulu, Hawaii. We have been brought together by our passion for adventure and our drive and determination.
We are united by our passion for sport and understanding what it is to push our human potential, both physically and mentally. We want to inspire others to dream big, dare to set challenges and push their way out of their comfort zone.
We want to encourage others to reap the life long benefits to body and mind that sport can bring.

Latitude 35

Jason Caldwell and Angus Collins come together again along with ocean rowing legends Lasse Hansen and Duncan Roy to race from San Francisco to Hawaii in hopes of not only winning the race but breaking the Pacific’s long-held world record. These men have eight ocean crossings between the four of them. Will that be enough?

GPR 2023 Teams
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