Sustainability and environment

New Ocean Wave, the organisational company behind the Great Pacific Race are committed to sustainability and ensuring the health of the oceans for generations to come.

In 2014 participants in the Great Pacific Race took part in a scientific study to measure the prevalence of micro-plastic in the Pacific Ocean.  The results were astounding and scary.  On average in the samples taken by the crews, 16 pieces of microplastic (smaller than 5mm (0.197″) diameter) were found in each 1 liter sample of water taken.  Why are microplastics a problem, watch this video to learn more.

Learn more about microplastics and their impact on the Adventure Science website. and the results from this study and others taken around the world can be found at the Worldwide microplastics initiative website.

Rowing may be a carbon neutral form of transportation but that doesn’t mean that all ocean rowing is inherently environmentally friendly.  There is an environmental impact to any human activity but the Great Pacific Race seeks to minimize that impact.  That is why for the last two editions of the Great Pacific Race we have partnered with the Sailors for the Sea as a Clean Regatta.  We ensure as much trash as possible is separated correctly and recycled, single use water bottles are shunned in favor of reusable water bottles, reuse of signage and re-purposed and perpetual trophies all help to reduce the impact of the event.  In 2014 we were thrilled to find out that the Great Pacific Race became the first ever rowing event to achieve a Bronze Level certification and were equally happy when the 2016 event was awarded a silver level certificate.  This was then repeated in 2018.  New Ocean Wave and the Great Pacific Race are eager to improve this certification in 2020 and are targeting a gold level certification.

Silver certification for the Great Pacific Race 2018


Silver certification for the Great Pacific Race 2016

GPR 2014 Bronze certificate - Clean Regatta

Bronze certification for the Great Pacific Race 2014