Statement about Uniting Nations penalty times

Team Uniting Nations, who crossed the line first on Tuesday 22 July 2014 after 43 days 5 hours and 30 minutes have been given an official time penalty of 36 hours.

1. Uniting Nations drank 3 US gallons of their bottled water / emergency water ballast, after their electrical and handheld watermaker failed.

Rule of the race rules dictates that if the seals on up to 16 US gallons are broken then a 12 hour penalty shall be added to the crew’s total race finish time.

2. Uniting Nations arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii without their EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Rescue Beacon), after it was reported to have been lost overboard on 30 June.

Rule 14.4 dictates that if after inspection in Honolulu Hawaii, any item of the safety kit is found to be absent, the team shall be disqualified from the race, subject to an appeal to the Head Scrutineer.

Head Scrutineer and licensed captain Lia Ditton:

“In the early races across the Atlantic, teams dumped vital safety equipment in order to reduce weight and gain a competitive advantage. In the Great Pacific Race such action will not be tolerated and any boat which arrives with any item missing will be automatically disqualified pending appeal. Uniting Nations lost their EPIRB when it was accidentally knocked overboard at 2am on 30 June. The crew decided at the time that in the conditions it would be unsafe to mount an attempt to retrieve the unit and so they reported the loss of the EPIRB first thing in the morning. In the circumstances a time penalty, rather than disqualification has been allocated.”

The location of the bracket where the EPIRB was located has been inspected and further to the appeal made by Uniting Nations in writing, a time penalty of 24 hours has been awarded. The decision of the Head Scrutineer is final.

Adding the 12 hour time penalty for the use of emergency ballast water to the 24 hour time penalty for the loss of the EPIRB results in an total time penalty of 36 hours which will be applied to the total crossing time for Team Uniting Nations.

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