Statement about Moana Uli protest

The rules of the Great Pacific Race clause state:

“The Boat shall be raced with the correct number of Entrants on board at all times: Four Entrants for fours entries.”

Upon finishing it was determined by the Race Director, that because team Moana Uli had finished the race with three crew members on board that they should be disqualified from the Great Pacific Race 2016.

Skipper, Tim Spiteri along with crew members of Team Moana Uli, Brian Conville and Greg Vlasek lodged a protest within 48 hours of finishing the Race.  In accordance with the protest protocol laid out in section 13 of the race rules, the Race Director has considered the protest after the last boat has finished the race.

It is the decision of the Race Director, Chris Martin that Team Moana Uli shall remain disqualified from the fours class of the Great Pacific Race.   The team will receive a finish time and race position as they did complete the race route in full.

The team’s protest requested that if the protest was upheld, the time spent on parachute anchor awaiting the medical extraction of Tina Neill be credited to their finishing time. This request has been considered and has been denied.

Therefore, Team Moana Uli will take third place position in the Great Pacific Race 2016 and a race time of 48 days 2 hours 40 minutes.