Great Pacific Race 2020

Starting on May 30th the Great Pacific Race 2020 is the forth instalment of the World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge.  Below is a list of the crews who have already signed up for the challenge of their lifetime.  If you would like to be one of them then why not join them by signing up now.  The race deposit is just £1 (instead of £500 per seat) and the race fee reduced by £2,000 if you enter the Great Pacific Race 2020 before the end of this year’s race.

The following crews are deciding on the number of crew who they will row with.  All individuals signed up have their initials shown until they choose a team name.

Unconfirmed crew size

  • Australia (H.T.)
  • Spain (R.G.)
  • GA, USA (G.E.)


  • Endurance Limits (UK)


  • The Loonie Birds (UK)
  • Fours a crowd (AUS)
  • E.R., J.C., K.C. +1 TBC (U.K.)
  • Race against Trafficking
  • K.R. +3 TBC (South Africa)
  • J.G., C.H., J.B., L.B. (USA)