Finish Information

The finish of the Great Pacific Race is a very special time.  Friends, family and supporters come together to celebrate the amazing achievement of the rowers as their journey comes to an end.  It’s also an incredible and very special moment for the rowers as they have spent such a long period of time isolated from the world.  They have been in a very confined space and then in an instant they can stand on terra firma.  Suddenly they can get any food imaginable!  They will be able to enjoy all the little things that we take for granted, such as fresh water straight from the tap, cooled with ice from a freezer.

Friends, family and supporters who would like to see record-setting crews touch land for the first time in more than a month are welcome to attend the teams arrival at the Waikiki Yacht Club, Race Headquarters for the Great Pacific Race. 

 The address for the Race Headquarters in Hawaii are:

Waikiki Yacht Club
1599 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, HI  96814

To gain access to the club please go to the entrance and explain that you are supporters of Great Pacific Race rowers.


When the crew is 100nm away from the finish line we will post a news story on this website and the Great Pacific Race Facebook page about the team’s expected arrival time.  This time will be an estimate. When the crew gets nearer, this time will become more precise. Any changes to the arrival time will be changed on the race website and on social media.  All times will be shown in HST (Hawaiian time). For example: The crew is 100nm away and their expected finish time is August 10th at 11am (plus or minus 10 hours).  This estimated time of arrival is expected to change as each crew get closer and either speed up or slow down. Please also note that this arrival time is when the crew is expected to finish the race, as supposed to actually arrive at the Waikiki Yacht Club and Race Headquarters.

Please do not use the estimate shown on the yb tracking leaderboard as it will be less accurate (and also shows the time in PST leading to additional confusion.)

The finish of the Great Pacific Race is a line between the Diamond Head Lighthouse and the Diamond Head Buoy.  All crews will be met before and escorted across the line by the Great Pacific Race Committee Boat.  The crew will be escorted for the final 3NM, by this vessel, to the Waikiki Yacht Club where friends, family and supporters may wait to welcome the rowers and celebrate their incredible achievement. The journey from the finish to the Waikiki Yacht Club can take as little as 50 minutes and as long as 2 hours, depending entirely on how swiftly the crews row.

Families, friends and supporters usually stay in the Waikiki Yacht Club and receive updates from the Great Pacific Race Committee Boat as to how the crew is progressing towards land.  The finish of each boat will be streamed live via the Great Pacific Race Facebook page so be sure to check in to watch, if you can’t make it to Hawaii in person.

Family, friends and supports may want to consider chartering a vessel to go and see the finish line being crossed.  However, remember that the true excitement happens when crews reach land for the first time at the Waikiki Yacht Club.

On the day of arrival, the race support team will be in race headquarters all day.

If you are aiming to be in Hawaii to see the crews arrive then please do let us know by sending an email to

On arrival it is traditional to adorn the rowers with flower leis.  We encourage friends, family and anyone else at the welcome party to bring a flower lei to adorn their rower.

If you are not in Hawaii but would like to buy a lei for the rower you’ve been supporting please follow this link to buy a lei and have it presented to rowers on your behalf.

IMG_2066 ©Ellen Hoke Photography