Race Results 2016

Overall position

Team Name


Position in class

Race Time

(days, hours, minutes)

Guinness World Records* / Comment

1st Uniting Nations Classic Four 1st 39 Days 9 Hours 56 Minutes
  • Fastest four to row the Mid-Pacific E-W
  • For Fiann Paul – The first person to hold simultaneous overall speed records for ocean rowing all three oceans
2nd Team Ocean Hearts Open Pair 1st 46 Days 17 Hours 47 Minutes
  • Fastest all female Open class pair to row the Mid-Pacific E-W
  • The oldest pair (combined age) to row any ocean
  • For Pat Hines – The oldest female ocean rower to row any ocean
3rd Moana Uli Classic Four /
Finished out of class
DSQ from class** 48 Days 2 Hours 40 Minutes Tina Neill removed due to shoulder injury on day 10.
Remaining team members completed race with three crew.
4th Sons of the Pacific Classic Pair 1st 54 Days 0 Hours 42 Minutes
  • Fastest Classic class pair to row Mid-Pacific E-W
5th Row Aloha Classic Pair 2nd 54 Days 22 Hours 17 Minutes
6th Fight the Kraken Classic Pair 3rd 57 Days 13 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Fastest all female Classic class pair to row Mid-Pacific E-W
Crews who retired
DNF Endurance Limits Open Four N/A 7 days / 241NM – incomplete Row suspended due to steering problems
DNF Endurance Limits USA Open Pair N/A 7 days / 207NM – incomplete Row suspended due to broken wrist incurred during capsize

* All Guinness World Records are provisional until they have been adjudicated by the Ocean Rowing Society

** Read the statement about Moana Uli’s protest and disqualification from class here.