Race Day 58 – August 3

Posted on August 6, 2018 in Cockleshell Endeavour, Great Pacific Race 2018, Pacific Terrific

Weather: Pacific Terrific will have 17-18 kt winds from the East with 7 ft easterly seas.  Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour will have 16-17 kt winds from the East North-East with 5-6 ft easterly seas.  

Excitement is growing on the shores of Waikiki in anticipation of our next arrival as Megan, Cazz and Eleanor on Pacific Terrific are taking their final approach to the Islands.  They continue to be overwhelmingly positive and cheerful as they have been for their entire journey.

The Pacific continues to challenge them with weather and wildlife attacks, but they continue on.  And they seem to always find a way to find the positive in whatever happens.

As the end of their journey gets near, we have been asking Megan, Cazz and Eleanor a few questions. 

Question of the day … what’s your favorite part of the boat and why?
Answer: The top of it because it means we haven’t sunk or the bottom as it kept us away from the sharks ;)

Are you having more shark sightings?
Answer: No – we really want to though!
Race Committee: It was Shark Week recently on the Discovery Channel so maybe they are all still near LA for their photo shoots.

Is there anything you have run out of onboard that you wish you had more of? And Amaretto is not an acceptable answer as that is too obvious.
Answer: Nutella!!! Wish we’d done a Mike and Brian [Attack Poverty] and just loaded all the hatches with giant tubs!  The pop tarts were a massive hit on Danielle too.  There’s even been a market in flavor trades! I (El) want all the chocolate ones and Meg and Cazz only brought chocolate so they want my strawberry ones!  Always a game of guess the pop tart flavor!

We find it interesting that the food barter systems seem to be running between crew members on most of our teams. 

A little later that same day we received this message from Pacific Terrific: 

Meg and Cazz were rowing just now and saw a bunch of Mahi Mahi in the water.  They were being chased by something!  A mahi mahi then jumped out of the water and half flipped over, on the way down hitting the boat and injured itself!! Then appeared on the other side of the boat.  THEN WE SAW THE SHARK!!!  Grey pointy pointy fin !!!!  100% sure this time!!!!  Maybe 5 foot!  So like not a massive massive one but still!

Oh and also Cazz got it in the left eye by a flying fish.  No joke.  LOL

On this last comment, we simply couldn’t resist the following reply:

Green flash according to Pirates of the Caribbean (and the Pacific Terrific Supporters group on Facebook) means that someone is being released form Davy Jones’ Locker.  Maybe it was the spirit of TCL’s Left Eye that transformed into the Fish that hit Cazz!!

Pacific Terrific: Love this theory.  It’s the only possible answer.

And this is how legends of the sea begin!

If you would like to buy team Pacific Terrific or Team Cockleshell Endeavour a lei to present to them on arrival in Waikiki? (or a pitcher of beer) then now you can.  We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to anyone who can’t be in Hawaii to welcome the crew back to land.  It gives anyone the chance to make their presence felt in Hawaii and show your rower that you’re thinking of them. Buy a lei now by CLICKING HERE

1 Uniting Nations Row/ Isabel: FINISHED – 49 Days, 23 Hours, 15 Minutes
2 Pacific Terrific/ Danielle: ROWING – 250 NM to finish, Rowed 2178 NM
3 Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour / Bojangles: ROWING – 785 NM to finish, Rowed 1706 NM
Team Attack Poverty/ Anne:  RETIRED
Team Ripple Effect/ Ripple Effect: RETIRED