Race Day 43 – July 19

Posted on July 20, 2018 in Cockleshell Endeavour, Great Pacific Race 2018, Pacific Terrific, Uniting Nations 2018

Weather: Uniting Nations Row will have 14-15 kt winds from the East North East with 5-6 ft seas.  Pacific Terrific will have 12-14 kt winds from the North East / East with 4 ft seas.  Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour will have 10-12 kt winds from the East North East / North East with 3 ft seas.  

Our first update comes from the ladies on Pacific Terrific.  The day started out simple enough and Eleanor jumped into the water to do a little bottom cleaning.  Shortly thereafter Cazz noticed a bluebottle jellyfish (also known as Portugese Man-of-War jellyfish) approaching the boat.  She sprung into action, grabbing the bucket and managed to scoop up the threatening intruder.  She did a good job but unfortunately the jellyfish got snagged on one of the ropes and left one tentacle behind.  That one missing piece of jellyfish then managed to exact revenge by finding Eleanor’s arm.  El is OK and the pain from the sting has subsided.  The treatment for a bluebottle sting is slightly different from that of other jellyfish in that you don’t put vinegar on a bluebottle sting.  The treatment is actually to bathe or flush the area with hot water after removing any stingers remaining in the skin.  We are glad that she has recovered and also that the urban legend of having to pee on a jellyfish sting turned out to be just that in this case.  We did receive the report that her crew mates were willing to perform this task if indeed necessary.

We don’t hear much from Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour, but when we do, it’s usually something to write about which bring us to our second update today which was relayed to us from their support team.
Sparky and Mick were both on the deck the other night.  It was very dark except for the millions and millions of stars overhead in the sky.  Mick asked Sparky if he was able to see the stars with the limited peripheral vision that Sparky has.  Sparky replied that he was not able to see anything but asked Mick to turn off all the lights on the boat to see if that might help.
About twenty minutes later, Sparky’s eyes adjusted to the light – or really the lack of light.  Sparky can actually “see” better in the dark.  So after those 20 minutes he could see, from his limited peripheral vision, those millions and millions of stars.  Yes – a blind man has now seen a vision that 99% of those with sight never will.  An absolutely fantastic moment and powerful story from our former Royal Marines on Bojangles.
Mick and Sparky are also about to pass over the half -way point.  We are most curious as to how they will celebrate.  “We only celebrate arrivals and weddings on board so there won’t be even a cup of tea.  Although, Sparky and Rocky [the teams fluffy penguin mascot] have become close so never say never.” Could there be a wedding in their future?  They also have noted that they don’t believe they have accomplished anything until they have reached the shores of Waikiki, so they only intend on celebrating their arrival “although we may allow Rocky back on board for a rest” said Mick.
They are anticipating their arrival to be somewhere mid-August, “Oars and Sparky’s knee willing” according to Mick.  The YB tracker page has their current predicted arrival time as gradually getting earlier over the last few days so this may yet turn out to be accurate.
And finally the lads aboard Team Uniting Nations continue to press into the final few hundred miles.  Expected arrival time now looks like sometime on the 24th July but exactly when remains to be seen.

1 Uniting Nations Row/ Isabel: ROWING – 331 NM to finish, Rowed 1996 NM
2 Pacific Terrific/ Danielle: ROWING – 986 NM to finish, Rowed 1427 NM
3 Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour / Bojangles: ROWING – 1220 NM to finish, Rowed 1209 NM
Team Attack Poverty/ Anne:  RETIRED
Team Ripple Effect/ Ripple Effect: RETIRED