Race Day 42 – July 18

Posted on July 19, 2018 in Cockleshell Endeavour, Great Pacific Race 2018, Pacific Terrific, Uniting Nations 2018

Weather: Uniting Nations Row will have 15-18 kt winds from the East North East with 6-8 ft seas.  Pacific Terrific will have 11-14 kt winds from the North East with 4 ft seas.  Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour will have 10-14 kt winds from the North East / East North East with 3-4 ft seas.  

Today appeared to be a bit of a slow day on the water for our crews, but it was not a slow day for news.  Several videos dropped into the inbox at Race headquarters from the ladies on Pacific Terrific.  The first answers that ever-present question; “How do you go to the bathroom?”

and we also get to join in as they prepare for the huge milestone of the 1/2 way point.

And experience the horror of multiple death (of squid) on deck.

While the half way celebrations are behind them, the girls are focusing on the next big celebration which will be when they reach the shores.  They have put in some requests for their arrival.  We know that Amaretto is on the list, but this has been expanded to include … 

Pacific Terrific:  Caz wants pepperoni, I will take a cold beer.  
Race HQ:  El – Amaretto.  Caz –  Pepperoni.  Meghan – Beer.  Got it.
Pacific Terrific:  Oh – Caz also wants hummus and cucumbers!

Support / Land crew – we hope you have been duly notified of these requests from our terrific girls on the Pacific.

It looks as though things are back to normal over on Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour, if they actually have a normal on board!  Their speed is back up and is comparable to that of Pacific Terrific once again.  They are still our quietest crew but it is good to see them doing better.  And they are getting VERY close to their halfway mileage milestone.

1 Uniting Nations Row/ Isabel: ROWING – 363 NM to finish, Rowed 1943 NM
2 Pacific Terrific/ Danielle: ROWING – 1023 NM to finish, Rowed 1389 NM
3 Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour / Bojangles: ROWING – 1250 NM to finish, Rowed 1178 NM
Team Attack Poverty/ Anne:  RETIRED
Team Ripple Effect/ Ripple Effect: RETIRED