Race Day 27 – July 3

Posted on July 4, 2018 in Attack Poverty, Cockleshell Endeavour, Great Pacific Race 2018, Pacific Terrific, Uniting Nations 2018

Weather:  Uniting Nations Row will have 16-21 kt winds from the North East to East North East with 8 ft. seas.  Pacific Terrific and Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour will have 12-14 kt winds from the North North East to North East with 6-8 ft seas.

Our cover photos today is of Ada, one of the crew of the Support Yacht Present Moment as they were making their rounds yesterday visiting crews.

According to the chart plotter onboard Isabel, the crew of Uniting Nations Row crossed the imaginary half way point sometime last night.  We asked how they celebrated this major milestone of the shores of Hawaii being closer than the shores of California and all they told us was “Celebrated with a quick chocolate candy and back at it.  A chocolate candy followed by a night row!  What more could you ask for?”  We couldn’t agree more.  It’s one of the certainties of an ocean row that small things which are taken for granted on land take on far more importance and significance when at sea.  Huge amounts of gratitude will be shown towards the most mundane and basic items.  There was nothing basic and mundane about their mileage today as they pulled out another team best mileage.  Keep up the great work team!

As mentioned yesterday, we are keeping a close eye on Hurricane FABIO as it tracks towards our rowers.  It has just peaked in intensity and is expected to weaken significantly over the next few days as it gets at its closest point to our rowers.  We will continue to monitor and update you and the crews over the next few days.  

One other issue that all of our crews seem to be having at the moment is corrosion.  Although cabins are watertight the humidity in the air and condensation formed on the cabin walls means that the inside of the cabins is far from the dry space that you might imagine.  This has been gradually wreaking havoc with connectors, phones and other non-marinised electrical items that our crews have taken with them.  Like a bizarre recipe crews have been filling ziplock and dry bags with rice and dropping in a desiccant pack if they have any on hand, adding the failing electrical item and waiting for the moisture to be pulled from said item.  We hope this works as we do enjoy receiving videos from our crews.  

One video we received recently was of Cazz from Pacific Terrific taking a dip into the chilly waters of the Pacific to clean the bottom of their boat.  We also saw a video about a week before of their friend Bruce the Shark.  Earlier today we received some messages from Pacific Terrific inquiring about “The White Shark Cafe”.  Some sage advice came from the experience from our Support Yacht.  Here is what Erden Eruç had to say:

“I’ve only encountered one swimming blue water passage to South Pacific year ago.He was curious but left me alone.Of course, I nearly walked on water to get back to the boat.  I met a 73 year old professional delivery skipper last year on an Atlantic crossing.Avid swimmer, swam off boat every chance over career.He never encountered Great White mid ocean entire career.The crew on Isabel claimed a brief shark sighting during our last visit with them.”

We are glad the girls are being cautious but also that they are keeping their bottom clean.  They have scrubbed the bottom of their boat twice now, and their speed has improved after each cleaning.  They report that the weather has been warmer and they have been rowing in shorts and t-shirts lately.  We know the weather will continue to warm for them the further west they row.  They also still seem a bit shocked that they are currently in second place!  They were reminded that they are actually FIRST in threes and also FIRST for women.  “We are finding this hilarious!” was their reply.  However they did express one regret:

“Only regret of the trip so far is not bringing many more jars of Nutella.  Having to ration it now which is desperately sad!”  If they had only picked up the excess that was aboard Anne, perhaps they wouldn’t have to ration!   This photo was taken as the crew of Team Attack Poverty was packing their boat before their departure.

1 Uniting Nations Row/ Isabel: ROWING – 1141 NM to finish, Rowed 1155 NM
2 Pacific Terrific/ Danielle: ROWING – 1644 NM to finish, Rowed 755 NM
3 Cockleshell Pacific Endeavour / Bojangles: ROWING – 1707 NM to finish, Rowed 701 NM
Team Attack Poverty/ Anne:  RETIRED
Team Ripple Effect/ Ripple Effect: RETIRED