Notable Quotables

Posted on August 4, 2016 in Endurance Limits USA, Fight the Kraken, Great Pacific Race 2016, Moana Uli, Ocean Hearts, Row Aloha, Sons of the Pacific, Uniting Nations

Thursday, August 4th, 2016 – Notable Quotables

As things wind down for the 2016 edition of the Great Pacific Race, we would like to share some of our favorite quotes and moments from the last two months of racing and arrivals.

Carlos Facchino (Uniting Nations Row):  on the rowing stroke:  “It was a highlight of my trip to be out there and you are in perfect  synchronicity with the person that you are rowing with, and then the waves and the boat is moving,  there is is this amazing feeling just to have the boat glide out just as you are taking these big long strokes.  There is this sense of smoothness and peacefulness and at the same time incredible aggressiveness as you are taking these big heavy hard strokes but the boat is just gliding out… it’s hard to explain, but it was just heaven.”

Brian Conville (Moana Uli Rowing) on getting out of the cabins:  “At 6’ 6”  it was tricky the first few nights but then it came second nature.  On the other hand getting in and out of the hatch was a nightmare … Greg reckons it was like watching a horse being born when [I was] exiting the cabin.  My legs would come out followed by my arm going in all directions while Greg (Vlasek) made horse noises.”

Erin Hammer (Endurance Limits USA) after notifying Race Control that their boat had rolled in the Pacific:  “You just can’t row with a broken wrist!”

Megan Biging (Fight the Kraken):  “Lets talk about some pizza!”

Liz Dycus (Team Ocean Hearts):  “ICE CREAM!”

Todd Bliss (Row Aloha) on why they had wine, Jameson’s and Spiced Rum on board:  “We are merchant marines so we tried to figure out ways to honor the French [previous owners of the boat who also took wine with them] and other nations, and in case we end up on an island we would have some ‘currency’ for trading.”

Tim Spiteri (Moana Uli Rowing):  “There’s like people EVERYWHERE!”

Erden Eruc (Sons of the Pacific) on the arrival of Row Aloha:  “It was instructive to see two wise men step off Row Aloha yesterday. Their calm demeanor perhaps masked a bit of dismay inside at the celebratory circus that awaited them; after all they had found peace away from the crowds for 55 days.

So I confess on behalf of all those who greeted them that the said celebration was as much for the Row Aloha team as it was for those who followed their inspiring journey, who cheered them on, who cared and worried on a daily basis and who noticed their absence at home, in bed or at work.

It was very meaningful to hear “gratitude” mentioned as one emotion felt on such a crossing; gratitude for things that one takes for granted, as routine, mundane or familiar. The way I phrased the same in the past was, stepping off the rowboat with tasks and relationships sorted and prioritized.”

Margot Rose (Team Ocean Hearts Supporter) on cleaning the boat the day after arrivals:  “Hire someone!”

Megan Biging (Fight the Kraken):  “Never procrastinate on cleaning your bottom, or anything really at sea.  Weather and time are not something you get back when you want or need them.”

Louis Bird (Sons of the Pacific):  “You really can do anything in life if you really want to…fund raising seemingly impossible amounts of money, to very nearly losing your mind at sea in a blanket of emotion.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Think “this feeling will pass, I CAN get through it’ and basically enjoy every moment.  As time evaporates – especially at sea!”

Liz Dycus (Team Ocean Hearts):  “Hopefully we will be able to take the things that we thought about on the ocean and incorporate them into our lives.  Appreciation for life.  Things that you take for granted.  Things maybe you’re not willing to tolerate in your life any more.  You do have choices and you can say no.”

Pat Hines (Team Ocean Hearts):  “It’s kinda like life.  There’s no turning back.  You don’t get to opt out.  You have to keep rowing.  And I think it’s a great message to take forward in your life – to keep going no matter what and to think it will all work out … and it did.”

Tim Spiteri (Moana Uli Rowing):  “Ocean Rowing is tough.  If it was easy anyone and everyone would do it.  The beauty is that you do learn the human body is capable of so much more.  And you don’t realize how tough you are until you actually put yourself into that circumstance.  And you keep going when every logical bone in your body says no – that you gotta do what you gotta do.”

Cyril Derreumaux (Uniting Nations Row):  “It’s all about chasing a dream.  When you want to do something – go for it!  Anything can happen if you have the heart for it.”

Fiann Paul (Uniting Nations Row):  “This row was a crown of my long lived quest for manhood.  I feel like a man now and that I can move on to another phase in my life.”

Thiago Silva (Uniting Nations Row):  “This competition has changed my life.  If you believe, then you can.”

Greg Vlasek (Moana Uli Rowing):  “It’s a great way to get to Hawaii.”

The next edition of the Great Pacific Race will be in 2018.  If you think you might be up for the challenge, click here.