The Final Countdown

Posted on July 31, 2016 in Fight the Kraken, Great Pacific Race 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016 – Race Day 56

KRAKEN WEATHER: For the next 12 hours, our girls on Fight the Kraken can expect 15-20 knots from the ENE as the wind gets deflected by both islands O’ahu and Moloka’i. This is all good for their finish of the Great Pacific Race. 


We have to wonder if the Kraken Girls have been listening to the song by the band Europe, called “The Final Countdown.”  We know that here at Race Headquarters we can’t quite get the song out of our heads.

It truly is the final countdown not only for the Kraken Girls but also for the 2016 edition of the Great Pacific Race.  It is a bitter / sweet time.

Everyone here associated with the race is making the final preparations.  Lei’s have been purchased by family, friends and supporters.  We have received well wishes from fellow ocean rowers for the Kraken Girls like this one from Erden Eruc of Sons of the Pacific.

“Congratulations on your great effort, your job well done and safe arrival. You inspired us by your dedication and hard work. Thank you!”

Rick and Todd from Row Aloha made every effort to have their boat cleaned and put away so that it could be moved from the arrival area in time for the Kraken arrival.  The support team from the Galen Diana of Captain Rod, Lynn, Dave and Bob are on stand by for the arrival as they plan on taking out many of the Kraken family and friends who are here on the island.  Louis Bird is planning on heading out on the water again to greet his fellow ocean rowers.

Even out on Sedna they are preparing as today Vicki and Megan went for a swim to clean the bottom of their boat for a speedy finish.

Just as each team before them, the Kraken Girls have one last challenge which is to navigate the Moloka’i Channel.  This channel, officially known as the Kaiwi Channel, is the waterway between the islands of O’hau and Moloka’i.  The depth of the channel goes from just under 3,000 fathoms to 250 fathoms or less.  A massive depth change such as this creates a wave pattern that becomes quite choppy and rough.  The Moloka’i Channel is notorious for these conditions.  There are some strong currents created by Makapu’u Point.  These are the currents that had adverse affects on Row Aloha as they approached the channel.  You can see this by the “kink” made on the race tracker.

There is also Koko Head which is in front of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  There are currents around Portlock which is just at the end of Koko Head.  Navigation becomes rather tricky at night as these ocean rowers have not seen lights on land for a long time, so their perception of just how far away, or how close they may be, can be deceptive.

These are just some of the challenges above the water.  Visible on the YB Tracker you can see an underwater trench around about 175W 33.  This can create an acceleration zone for our rowers, which makes things interesting when we are trying to predict arrival times.

Currently we are expecting Fight the Kraken to arrive early to mid morning local time.  Having them finish in the morning light, with the sun peaking above Diamond Head would be a poetic end to their incredible journey.

Yes – it is the final countdown!

NOTE:  If you are in the Media, Pennsylvania area, there will be a gathering at:

The Sterling Pig
609 West State Street
Media, PA

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates on their arrival, and join in the local celebration to watch their arrival in Pennsylvania.  Please remember that finish and arrival times are posted in local Hawaii time, which is 6 hours behind Eastern time.  Of course we will be celebrating here in Waikiki as well.

And if you have been inspired or interested by the World’s Leading Endurance Challenge and would like to know more about the Great Pacific Race and our range of planned shorter ocean rowing adventure races then get in touch.  In two years time you could be rowing into Waikiki with your friends.  Fill out the form on the contact us page and we’ll get back in touch with you shortly.

PREDICTED ARRIVAL 07-30-16 @ 21:00 PST
UN Finished Finished
OH Finished Finished
MU Finished Finished
SOTP Finished Finished
ALOHA Finished Finished
FTK 01-Aug 01-Aug


1 Uniting Nations: FINISHED – 39 Days 9 Hours 56 Minutes
2 Team Ocean Hearts: FINISHED – 46 Days 17 Hours 47 Minutes
3 Moana Uli: ROWING – FINISHED – 48 Days 2 Hours 40 Minutes
4 Sons of the Pacific: FINISHED – 54 Days 0 Hours 42 Minutes
5 Row Aloha: FINISHED – 54 Days 22 Hours 17 Minutes
6 Fight the Kraken: ROWING – 37 NM to finish, Rowed 2388 NM
Endurance Limits: RETIRED – Rowed 241 NM
Endurance Limits USA: RETIRED – Rowed 207 NM