Music To Our Ears

Posted on July 11, 2016 in General, Great Pacific Race 2016

Monday, July 11th, 2016 – Race Day 37

WEATHER: For those teams nearer Hawaii winds have been 10-15 kt from the East. The three pairs a little further back have been battling slightly higher wind speeds of 15-20 kt from the ENE and also larger 10-15 ft waves. Tomorrow’s forecast is similar but with the winds becoming around 5 kt lighter than today for those further back. The only exception to that rule is our front runners, Uniting Nations who will experience a significant drop off in the wind tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to continue pushing at their impressive pace despite the wind assisting them less. 

STORM WATCH: CELIA expected to start weakening soon as she moves over cooler water temperatures. This weakening trend will be a little slower than BLAS or AGATHA and so is forecast to have maximum windspeeds around 30kt by the time she gets closest to our crews. We are also continuing to watch the development of a system currently labelled FIVE-E although current predictions have her pass far behind all our crews. 

Top of today’s report is a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Row Aloha, Sons of the Pacific and Fight the Kraken. For those of you who have been keeping a very close watch on the Yellow Brick Race tracker, you will have noticed AMAZING speeds from these teams over the last several days. Each of these pairs have been rowing extremely hard to stay ahead of Tropical Storm Agatha, Hurricane Blas and now Hurricane Celia. What an phenomenal accomplishment each of these teams have done.

Up at the front of our fleet, the excitement continues to grow as we prepare for our first arrival. Family and friends have already started to arrive in O’ahu. We have put together a document which gives you a bit more information about how arrivals work which you can find HERE.  If you are thinking about or have plans to be in Waikiki for your teams arrival, please let us know via

Back on Race Day 12 we asked for you predictions on when you thought Uniting Nations might cross the finish line. There were some very good guesses and we are keeping track!  We will let you know who has won their very own Great Pacific Race hat with the closest guess in due course.

We have received a great response to the incredibly creative photo sent to us by Cyril Derremaux’s parents. Show us YOUR support for your team and submit a photo to  Your image might become our featured image in an upcoming Race Report!

We have been curious as to what music the teams have been listening to while they row across the Pacific. Here is what they told us.

On Uniting Nations there is not too much music. It was reported that skipper Cyril Derremaux has a lot of love ballads on his playlist, however his crew mates have claimed that it is a bit difficult to row to the crooning of Celine Dion.

A little further back in the fleet, the crew on board Moana Uli Rowing is listening to everything from Disney Hits to Opera. Although Row Aloha didn’t tell us their music preference, we are pretty confident that the Grateful Dead is featuring prominently, if not exclusively, on their playlist.  The girls on Fight the Kraken, who we were worried had lost their entire playlist a few weeks back, per an earlier report, let us know that both Frank Sinatra and Kenny Chesney have survived.

Our top report came in from Erden Eruc on Sons of the Pacific.   He reported that on Sons of the Pacific they have a collection of Latin and Jazz that “is nice”.  However, much to Erden Eruc’s dismay he reported “Louis made me endure some techno music, but I am just too old for that stuff.”  We have also learned that their boat has speakers mounted either side of the rowing positions “and the player is plugged inside to the amplifier. It makes for a party while rowing.”  We wonder if perhaps they have a small disco ball hanging in the cabin as well!


PREDICTED ARRIVAL 07-11-16 @ 18:00 PST
UN 13-Jul 14-Jul
OH 24-Jul 20-Jul
MU 22-Jul 24-Jul
ALOHA 24-Jul 01-Aug
SOTP 24-Jul 04-Aug
FTK 25-Jul 04-Aug


1 Uniting Nations: ROWING – 160 NM to finish, Rowed 2129 NM
2 Team Ocean Hearts: ROWING – 413 NM to finish, Rowed 1994 NM
3 Moana Uli: ROWING – 545 NM to finish, Rowed 1770 NM
4 Row Aloha: ROWING – 744 NM to finish, Rowed 1644 NM
5 Sons of the Pacific: ROWING – 815 NM to finish, Rowed 1555 NM
6 Fight the Kraken: ROWING – 825 NM to finish, Rowed 1548 NM
Endurance Limits: RETIRED – Rowed 241 NM
Endurance Limits USA: RETIRED – Rowed 207 NM