Salon at Sea

Posted on June 20, 2016 in General, Great Pacific Race 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016 – Race Day 16

WEATHER: In the trade wind belt between 29 degrees North and 27 North, the wind is set to be pretty consistent. For the next 48 hours, our first five boats can expect 15 knots NNE strengthening to 20 knots NE. Being further north and east, Fight the Kraken will continue to catch the gradient winds at the edge of the high pressure system and so are likely to experience slightly rougher stuff; 2-3 meter waves and 20-25 kts. 

Things have been a little wild and crazy out there on the Pacific!

Our ladies on Team Ocean Hearts as well as the ladies on Fight the Kraken, seem to have made appointments at the Salon at Sea.  We heard that Pat chopped off her hair with a utility scissors over the weekend. Here is the report that was received by their shore crew:

Well, between the wind, salt, waves and rain that came with the storm, we’re still amazed we are in 3rd place of all boats!!! Take at look at the Ellen Hoke shot of us goofing around before we left, because those long blond locks are gone. There was more salt in my hair then in the entire ocean so I had to chop off it off with a utility scissors ….No mirrors at the #salonatsea.

She also said “I look like Steve McQueen’s little brother! Hopefully it will grow back before we arrive in Hawaii.”

Meanwhile, the ladies on Fight The Kraken have also had an appointment at the Salon at Sea.  Megan stated, “I was like a stray dog.  The back of my hair was a mess. I tried for half an hour to brush it!”  We understand that Megan decided there was no alternative but to go for the chop.

Perhaps our support crews can catch a glimpse of the ladies new hair-dos as they check in on the crews.

In terms of progress, the teams are still enjoying rather favorable conditions and are covering good ground.  For the Sons of the Pacific, they have been experiencing seas in a flowing state “1.2 – 1.5 knots drift, 3-3.5 rowing together. Sunny breezy day. Perfect for rowing.” They also reported spotting a pod of dolphins at sunset. Other teams have also reported having a nice tail wind.

Let’s not forget that the Great Pacific Race is a competition. Our two closest teams at the moment are Moana Uli Rowing and Team Ocean Hearts.  As of today’s standings, they are only separated by 10 NM to the finish.

1 Uniting Nations: ROWING – 1364 NM to finish, Rowed 904 NM
2 Moana Uli: ROWING – 1603 NM to finish, Rowed 690 NM
3 Team Ocean Hearts: ROWING – 1613 NM to finish, Rowed 756 NM
4 Row Aloha: ROWING – 1724 NM to finish, Rowed 625 NM
5 Sons of the Pacific: ROWING – 1757 NM to finish, Rowed 588 NM
6 Fight the Kraken: ROWING – 1783 NM to finish, Rowed 520 NM
Endurance Limits: RETIRED
Endurance Limits USA: RETIRED