Statement regarding Tina Neill-Sanderson and Team Moana Uli

Posted on June 14, 2016 in General, Great Pacific Race 2016, Moana Uli

Tina Neill-Sanderson of Team Moana Uli sustained an injury to her shoulder when the team’s four-person rowing boat ‘Isabel’ was struck by a large wave.  The wave broke over the stern cabin and the white water pushed Tina from her seat.  Being the strong team member that she is Tina continued to row until the end of her shift.   After a while, however, she recognised that she had sustained an injury to her shoulder.  After consulting the Great Pacific Race medical consultants including Dr Aenor Sawyer, Orthopedist from UCSF, the tough decision was made that Tina needed additional medical care and she would need to be taken off ‘Isabel’. Since Moana Uli Rowing is a team of four, the three remaining team members could continue their row to Hawaii.

To enable Tina to experience the highest level of comfort while injured and to expedite her extraction from ‘Isabel’ the crew were asked to deploy their parachute anchor.  The other crew members – Skipper Tim Spiteri, Brian Conville and Greg Vlasek – have been taking great care of Tina.   Out of consideration for her situation, the men have been sleeping 3-up in the stern cabin in order to allow Tina space and privacy in the forward cabin while they awaited the arrival of the support yacht Galen Diana.

At 15:19 on June 14th the Galen Diana was on site with ‘Isabel’ and started the process of bringing Tina safely aboard. By 17:37 Tina was safely aboard the Galen Diana and was being made comfortable by Capt. Rodney Mayer and crew.  The Galen Diana is now heading to San Diego to get Tina to land-based medical support as swiftly as possible.

The remaining team members of Team Moana Uli aboard ocean row boat ‘Isabel’ will continue their ocean row towards Hawaii.