Statement regarding Endurance Limits USA and Erin Hammer

Posted on June 13, 2016 in General, Great Pacific Race 2016

Erin Hammer of Team Endurance Limits sustained an injury to her wrist when ‘Mugatu’ – the boat rowed by Erin Hammer and Ryan Foss – was rolled at 10:30 Pacific Standard Time on June 11th 2016. Communication with our 24/7 team of doctors including an orthopedic surgeon, has been ongoing and the support vessel Galen Diana was dispatched to the team’s position.

Yesterday, our team of doctors concluded that Erin should be transported to hospital. The incident was discussed with the U.S.C.G with whom we are in constant contact. A decision was made to recover Erin by helicopter rather than support vessel in order to expedite the process since Mugatu was 172 nautical miles offshore. At 20:00 local time on June 12th 2016 the duty flight officer of the U.S.C.G made the final call for both Erin and Ryan to leave ocean rowing boat ‘Mugatu’.

At 09:00 local time on June 13th, the United States Coastguard deployed a fixed-wing aircraft to the scene. By 11:48 local time, both Erin and Ryan had been airlifted safely into an M860 Jayhawk United States Coastguard helicopter.  Our support vessel Galen Diana was in the area standing by.

The helicopter is now heading towards Santa Barbara airport and is expected to arrive around 14:15 local time. Arrangements are underway for the swift recovery of their rowing boat Mugatu.