Race Start – 11 Days

Posted on May 24, 2016 in Fight the Kraken, Great Pacific Race 2016

The level activity in the Great Pacific Race boat park continues to increase as we tick off another day on the countdown clock ahead of the start of the race on June 4th.  This morning, the rowers had a seminar with Ocean Rowing Boat Builder Justin Adkin where he discussed maintenance, spares and ways to mend damaged boats and equipment.  His informative and entertaining talk challenged teams to break sections of fiberglass and learned the many uses of the various components of their repairs kit.  For example, did you know you can use zip ties to hold patches onto the outside of your boat.

Today also saw the launch of the first of the boats competing in the Great Pacific Race.  Fight the Kraken took to the water first and rowed straight over to the hoist in the Monterey Bay Harbor.  At the hoist their boat, Sedna, under went a roll test and passed with flying colors!  Two roll tests were completed.  The first was done with the boat empty, and then Vicki and Megan climbed into the cabin, gave the support team the thumbs up before closing the hatch door before the boat was rolled a second time.  They both emerged with smiles and laughter at the end of the exercise.  Each and every boat participating in the Great Pacific Race undergoes an identical inversion test and

Tomorrow is communications day and whilst a few crews will be fault finding their satellite communications equipment we also expect to see another boat, or two take to the water.