Day 65 Race Report

Posted on August 13, 2014 in Battleborn, CC4 Pacific, Crews, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, Pacific Warriors


WEATHER:   Winds from the E @ 11 to 15 knots. Seas from the WSW @ 6 feet / 14 seconds.

The last few days have certainly been interesting for our French cousins. We have recently received reports of how they kept themselves occupied while riding out the tropical storms. It was challenging for them to sleep in the rocking and rolling conditions, so they occupied their time by cleaning out the cabin, redistributing the remaining supplies and ballast water around the boat and completing an inventory of their remaining provisions.  It wasn’t all work for Clement and Christophe.  They also spent some time reading Le vin des mort, Tara Tari, Iliad and Odyssey, Bel ami and watched a few movies such as Groundhog Day, the Intouchables, L’arnacoeur and The Beginner. They were also able to catch up on a little sleep although their cabin was extremely hot and rather sweaty during the stormy conditions outside.

They are now back at the oars and very happy to be busy with their regular routine once again. They claim that it smells a little more like civilization and a little less like flying fishes, but with them still just over 400 NM from the finish line, they just be smelling cleaner air after the storms.

MEANWHILE, back on shore …
It has been three weeks since our first boat arrived here in Waikiki. Teams have had some time to readjust to life back on land. It has been fun to see the transitions in the teams with our photos from Monterey compared to how teams look when they appear here in Waikiki. Many of the men have kept their long hair and beards until they returned home so that more friends and family could see it and we are now seeing the go back to their clean shaven faces we remember from before the race.

Darren from Battleborn, assisted by his partners little boy, “took great delight in making my face naked again. Even though it was itchy as hell, I do miss the caveman look”

Darren Before Darren After

As crews from the inaugural race continue to get readjusted to being ashore, our thoughts have also turned to the 2016 edition of the Great Pacific Race.  There are several ways that you can participate in the race. One option is to purchase a boat. The Open Pairs Team boat used by Fat Chance Row is currently on the market.  In a recent post to their website, the married team of Sami and Meredith posted:

“Regrettably we have to sell our latest family member, our speed record breaking ocean row boat Roosevelt. After 45 days offshore with her, we developed a special relationship with the 70fearless and fast Roosevelt, but it’s time to find a new home for her.”

“You can find more information about her from our ocean row boat sales document. If you’re seriously interested in, please email us at info (at) fat chance row (dot) org. Thanks!”

Another option would be to join a team like Uniting Nations Row in a pay per seat charter.  We are now talking to potential crew members to row the Pacific in 2016.  Utilizing this option, all you have to do is commit to training sessions, complete training courses and provide your own food for the race. All other costs such as shipping, the boat itself, equipment on the boat, clothing, etc. are included in the per seat charter fee.  Get in touch now via a facebook message or send an email to to learn more about this opportunity.

For more information about the 2016 edition of the Great Pacific Race, just click here.

Official Great Pacific Race Results found here.

Uniting Nations: FINISHED
Battleborn: FINISHED
Fat Chance: FINISHED
Pacific Warriors: FINISHED
Boatylicious: FINISHED
CC4 Pacific: ROWING – 411 NM to finish, Rowed 2070 NM

Elsa Hammond: Retired
Pacific Rowers: Retired
Row for Hope: Retired
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Clearly Contacts CA: Retired
Project Flight Plan: Retired