Day 52 Race Report

Posted on July 31, 2014 in Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Crews, Elsa Hammond, Fat Chance, Great Pacific Race 2014, Pacific Warriors, Project Flight Plan

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS – We are very proud of all of them! 

LEAD BOATS:  Winds from the @ E 14 to 19 knots.  Seas from the ESE @ 6 feet / 9 seconds.
MIDDLE BOATS:  Winds from the E @ 14 to 20 knots.  Seas from the ESE @ 6-7 feet / 8 seconds.
BACK OF THE FLEET BOATS:  Winds from the ENE clocking to the the E @ 12 to 18 knots.  Seas from the S @ 6 feet / 13 seconds.

There has been a change in route for Elsa Hammond / Elsa’s Pacific Solo Row, as you will have seen via the Yellowbrick tracker.  Her boat has turned to the northeast as she heads towards San Diego.  Yesterday morning, one of the Great Pacific Race support yachts drew up along side Darien (Hammond’s ocean rowing boat) and she stepped aboard.  Hammond released a statement  regarding her decision to be towed to San Diego, and the Great Pacific Race has also released a statement about these events.

Race Director Chris Martin said:

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Elsa over the past few years.  Since the start of the race she has proven herself to be tenacious, determined, inspirational and level headed.  We are gutted that she hasn’t been able to reach her destination on this occasion but praise her decision in making the tough decision to accept a tow in this timely manner.”

Further out in the waters of the Pacific, our fours team reports read much the same as in previous days.  The swirling ocean currents around the Hawaiian islands are affecting both Fat Chance Row and Pacific Warriors but both teams have improved their daily mileages in the last day or so and we hope that they are able to hold onto these higher speeds over the next few days.

Boatylicious also appear to have got back into the groove, as their daily mileages covered are increasing steadily and now more consistently hover around the 60 NM mark.  Interestingly, the Pacific Warriors are currently equidistant from Fat Chance to their west and Boatylicious to their east with just 126 NM separating the two.  This may seem an insurmountable distance as Pacific Warriors only have 282NM until they finish but their speed seems to have dropped off over the last few days as the speed of Boatylicious starts to surge. Currently there are only a matter of hours separating the estimate arrival time of these two crews. Will the mixed four of Pacific Warriors be able to stay ahead of the all female powered Boatylicious or will the Black Oyster catch them on the line?

The girls on Boatylicious have been very aware of how they have been progressing, marking may milestones along the way:

“… checking the GPS chart plotter has become an unhealthy addiction! At the start of the trip, crossing lines of latitude and longitude was worth a celebratory cheer. However, after passing the half-way mark and breaking past the 1000 miles-to-go barrier, we’ve become obsessed with hitting each hundred-mile marker! Given we lost some miles as a result of our broken steering system, we were ecstatic to record a couple of 65 miler days- our highest so far-celebrated with a secretly stashed bar of Godiva chocolate!”

With the reports of the heat in the cabins, melted jars of peanut butter and the longing for air conditions, we are impressed to hear that some Godiva Chocolate has survived this far in their journey!

MEANWHILE closer to shore …

Mary Rose of Chirping Central, has completed her row down the coast of California from Santa Barbara to San Diego.  After being forced to withdraw from the Great Pacific Race, Rose was unwilling to give up on her goal of completing an amazing challenge and continuing the role of raising awareness of bird conservation.  Since her boat Dippers had been packed and ready for Hawaii, she implemented ‘Plan B’,  changing the start and finish destinations of her row to maximize her safety and the level of contact she would be able to have with local bird ground along the Californian coast.   Rose has made stops into Redondo Beach, the Port of Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Oceanside, Mission Bay and her final destination was San Diego.  At each port she has met with avian enthusiasts to highlight the plight of bird species on the edge of extinction.  During her row, she raised nearly $13,000 in donations for bird conservation.

As Rose reflected on her journey, she made these comments:

“I think rowing on the ocean also teaches you respect and patience.  You have to have patience to survive (or at least I think so) and you have to respect the ocean and anything it throws at you.  If you don’t respect the ocean and watch and listen to what it is telling you you are potentially in trouble.  It requires a level of awareness which appeals to me.  Pay attention or suffer the consequences.  In many ways this part of it is just like the campaign to raise awareness for bird conservation.  Pay attention to what is happening to these birds and react, or suffer the consequences of their loss.  In my mind it is a very similar principle.”

We congratulate Rose on this outstanding achievement and the funds raised for her charitable cause.

Official Great Pacific Race Results found here.

Uniting Nations: FINISHED
Battleborn: FINISHED
Fat Chance: ROWING – 147 NM to finish, Rowed 2296 NM
Pacific Warriors: ROWING – 282 NM to finish, Rowed 2059 NM
Boatylicious: ROWING – 408 NM to finish, Rowed 1928 NM
CC4 Pacific: ROWING – 807 NM to finish, Rowed 1658 NM

Elsa Hammond: Retired – Under tow – destination San Diego
Pacific Rowers: Retired
Row for Hope: Retired
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Clearly Contacts CA: Retired
Project Flight Plan: Retired