Statement about Elsa Hammond

Posted on July 30, 2014 in Crews, Elsa Hammond, Great Pacific Race 2014

Since 15th July 2014 Elsa Hammond has changed the final destination of her Pacific row from Hawaii to Mexico. (See this earlier statement for more details.) Since then she has been gradually progressing East and we have been working together with her land support team to make arrangements for her arrival to the Mexican mainland.

Making progress East at the rate required to make landfall without losing too much ground south was always going to be a challenge and the weather has not been as helpful as we might. Also as a consideration as she rowed further south the risk of tropical storms and hurricanes increase and although she had food supplies for at least another month and had no other concerns we are happy that she took the decision at the right time to call for a helping hand.

On the morning of July 30th 2014, one of the support yachts for the Great Pacific Race drew up alongside Elsa and she stepped aboard. Her ocean row boat, Darien (her ocean rowing vessel) was tied to the support yacht and is being towed behind towards San Diego.  Our primary concern has always been for the safety of all of our rowers with the vessel itself as a secondary concern. However we are obviously very happy that in this instance we will be able to recover both Elsa and her ocean rowboat.

Race Director Chris Martin said

“It has been a true pleasure to work with Elsa over the past few years.  Since the start of the race she has proven herself to be tenacious, determined, inspirational and level headed.  We are gutted that she hasn’t been able to reach her destination on this occasion but praise her decision in making the tough decision to accept a tow in this timely manner.”

You can read Elsa’s statement on her website here.