Day 51 Race Report

Posted on July 30, 2014 in Battleborn, Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Crews, Fat Chance, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, NOMAN, Pacific Warriors, Uniting Nations


Today’s cover photo of Pacific Warriors was taken at approx 1300 near Lat 22.47.562 N / Long 152.24.815 W.


LEAD BOATS:  Winds from the E @ 13 to 19 knots. Seas from the ESE @ 6 feet / 9 seconds.
MIDDLE BOATS:  Winds from the ENE clocking to the E @ 14 to 19 knots. Seas from the SSW @ 7 feet / 13 – 17 seconds.
BACK OF THE FLEET BOATS:  Winds from the ENE @ 11 to 16 knots. Seas from the S @ 6 feet / 13 seconds.

Just as we have been watching our teams cross over major milestone, we are now almost at the point of being about to cross over from having less than half of our teams finished to having more than have of the teams complete the race.  The camaraderie around the yacht club has been a little reminiscent of the pre-start period in Monterey (albeit significantly more relaxed) with eight of our rowers hanging around, cleaning their boats and taking care of social and media requirements and requests.

The YB tracker is still constantly being checked by family, crews and friends as we await the next arrival, which will most likely be Fat Chance Row in a few days.

With just over 200 NM to go at the time of writing, Fat Chance Row could be in Hawaii as soon as  August 3rd, (but as always this is subject to change).  The anticipation on board Fat Chance Row of finishing is apparent as reported in their recent blog:

“We are in the part of the expedition when you are so close to the finish, but it feels like there is nothing left to give. The part when you check your time at least once per minute, if not more.”

In making the final push toward Hawaii, our married couple has decided to change their method of rowing just slightly in order to maximize every ounce of energy they have left in them.

“It is fair to say that we were in a bit of a mental slump earlier, but we’ve decided to pick up the rowing from 14 hours each (which we are currently doing) to 18 hours each per day- so we each rest (some of which is sleep) 6 hours per day and we row for 12 hours or so together + 6 hours alone each. Hopefully that will get us through the final headwinds and to Hawaii. Wish us luck!”

We wish both Sami Inkinen and Meredith Loring all the luck in the world in getting to Hawaii as they are so close to setting some new records of their own as they become the first Open Class pair to complete the mid Pacific route East to West and Sami becomes the first Fin to row any ocean!

We have noticed a drop in speed in Pacific Warriors recently and were  concerned that perhaps they were having some sort of issue on their boat that they’d kept quiet about.  After a call from Race Director Chris Martin, it was determined that the change in their boat speed recently has not been because of any incident on the boat, but rather from strong ocean currents which the crew are battling against. However, it seems now that as the crew have altered their course slightly more to the west that within a few miles Pacific Warriors should start to move out of the NE flowing current and normal service will be resumed by the mixed quartet.

NB: Currents are described by the direction that they flow to, whereas winds are described by the direction that they blow from.

Today, the team posted this comment:

“The closer we get the less cooperation we get from the seas. starting to feel like a Satire play.  Ugh”

Hang in there Pacific Warriors!  You’re so close!  We know you’ll make it soon.

For our four ladies on Team Boatylicious, they have had much more time to think while at sea.  As we have learned from our teams that have completed their journey, this time to think is different than what those of us on land are used to in that there are no distractions, and you have plenty of time.  Everything becomes more focused.  For our ladies, they have turned their thoughts to one of their charities,  – Water’s Aid #GirlStrong

“Thankfully, we’ll have access to all the water we need once we hit Hawaii, unlike the 748 million people worldwide who go through life with no access to safe water. And while we might get teased about our bucket-toilet, we can’t imagine the dangers faced by millions of girls worldwide who don’t have access to basic sanitation facilities.

Our experience out here means we’re happier than ever to be raising money for WaterAid’s #GirlStrong campaign, which this summer alone is aiming to provide clean water and toilets to 5,000 girls. What’s more, every Water Aid donation made on our page before September will be matched by the UK government (DFID), so your generosity will have twice the impact.”

For our French team, with the longest journey still ahead of them, some could be a little jealous of the time they will still have at sea.  Some of our teams have expressed how they miss being on the ocean after arrival, and could be ready to head back!  In the meantime, they are a bit envious of the journey our French cousins still have to experience.  The remainder of this journey won’t be without difficulties.  But the difficulties for the French are, as always, not exactly what you might think.

“They just started to impose rationing on the M&M’s which is a difficult time in the adventure … We all noticed that food is very important for the two cousins, almost an obsession. They told me that when they are back, they won’t write a logbook but “the happy adventurer cook book”.

MEANWHILE back on shore …

Team NOMAN has been busy cleaning up their boat and going through their final scruitineering process with Race Director Chris Martin. Team NOMAN had not used any of their ballast water or lost any items of emergency equipment and so their official finish time is 50 days, 3 hours and 17 minutes. The official results for all boats finishing the race can be seen on the Race Results page.

In addition to converting their sea legs back to land legs, they were trying to adjust to more normal sleeping patterns.  Rachel Ramsbottom, the girlfriend of Chris Blacketer, has also had to make a few adjustments along with the boys.

“Last night, Chris woke me up as he kept rocking back and forth as he was sleeping as if he was still on the boat.  I nudged him and he stopped for a bit.  Then he started flexing his legs back and forth, in the same motion as if he was sitting on the boat rowing!  He ended up getting much more sleep than me last night!”

Phil Cavanagh of Team Battleborn has found a few new benefits of being a rower in the Great Pacific Race.  He wandered into the local Apple Store to purchase a new computer and was immediately recognized by the “Apple Genius’” from the recent Battleborn Television interview on KITV.  When Cavanagh went to make his purchase, he realized he didn’t have any ID, but he did have the trophy from his row, which was quickly accepted as suitable identification for his purchase.


Official Great Pacific Race Results found here.

  1. Uniting Nations: FINISHED
  2. Battleborn: FINISHED
  4. Fat Chance: ROWING – 208 NM to finish, Rowed 2232 NM
  5. Pacific Warriors: ROWING – 315 NM to finish, Rowed 2025 NM
  6. Boatylicious: ROWING – 467 NM to finish, Rowed 1869 NM
  7. CC4 Pacific: ROWING – 850 NM to finish, Rowed 1614 NM

Elsa Hammond: ROWING – New route to Mexico (destination TBC); Rowed 758 NM

Pacific Rowers: Retired
Row for Hope: Retired
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Clearly Contacts CA: Withdrawn
Project Flight Plan: Withdrawn