Day 44 Race Day

Posted on July 23, 2014 in Battleborn, Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Fat Chance, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, NOMAN, Pacific Warriors, Uniting Nations

Today’s cover photo was taken at approximately 0900 today, July 23 near Lat. 24.17.097 N / 137.29.239 W.

LEAD BOATS: Winds from the E @ 13 to 19 knots. Seas from the ENE moving to the E @ 7 feet / 7-8 seconds.
MIDDLE BOATS: Winds from the ENE @ 11 to 17 knots. Seas from the ESE @ 6 feet / 8 seconds.
BACK OF THE FLEET BOATS: Winds from the ENE @ 11 to 18 knots. Seas from the SE @ 5 feet / 8-9 seconds.

Our French Team of CC4 Pacific have the longest journey ahead of them as they are not quite at halfway on their journey on the Pacific. However, never don’t underestimate our French cousins as they have increased their speed recently, and have made an impressive 37 NM in the last 24 hours. We hear that the sky is cloudless, the temperature is warm and the boys have been rowing in their birthday suits.

Fortunately, when Clément and Christophe received word that one of our support boats would be stopping by for a visit, they donned their berets and stripped shirts for the occasion (for which we are thankful!) Along with a few photos, the support team reported in that the crew on board ‘La Cigogne’ were happy to see some new people, although they are still upset about having run out of cheese. Just as the support boat was heading back though the fleet, it started to rain, and then quickly started to pour. The poor French lads will have got soaked but at least at this stage the rain is warm.

Further up in our fleet, our Boatlylicious girls continue to receive messages of support from celebrities. Ben Fogle, who rowed across the Atlantic in 2005 with Olympic rower, James Cracknell sent this message of support:

“Well done to the all girl crew of @Boatylicious4 who are now more than half way through their ocean row to Hawaii.”

These messages must be helping as the girls have been steadily increasing their daily mileage over the last few days.

It is still Fat Chance Row, however, who are consistently logging the most impressive daily mileages with a further 66 NM rowed since our last report, although this is not the highest mileage in the fleet (as Team Battleborn logged in 67 NM.) They have managed to decrease the distance between them and Pacific Warriors to only five nautical miles. Fat Chance continues on average to cover about 40% more miles each day than the Pacific Warriors, which means that tomorrow we could see a change in the leader board in this part of the fleet.

Pacific Warriors have had their own issues on board during the race such as watermaker breakages (and subsequent mending), the cold and damp conditions, being wet and dark, and the random sea live attacks on crew member Susanna Cass. Therefore, they have been looking for some inspirational quotes and today posted this from author Ayn Rand:

“I can accept anything except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the halfway, the almost, the just-about, the in-between.”

With less than 600 NM to go until they finish, we hope they find the inspiration to keep team Fat Chance behind them, or perhaps to change positions with them again later in the race. Only time will tell.

The excitement of arrival is still lingering in the air around the arrival of team Uniting Nations and tomorrow it is anticipated that Team Battleborn will follow suit by crossing the finish line that extends 3 NM due south of the Diamond Head Lighthouse in O’ahu. At the time of this report, the team had only 75 NM to go. Now that they have dipped below the 100 NM mark to the finish, the Yellow Brick tracker will update every 30 mintues for this team in anticipation of their arrival. The trade winds are once again blowing off O’ahu after being interrupted for a few days due to the remnants of Tropical Storm Wali and we anticipate Team Battleborn to have a quick ride through the Molokai Channel and around to the leeward side of the O’ahu to the finish. Updates for the second boat to finish the Great Pacific Race can be found here.

MEANWHILE, back on shore …
Team Uniting Nations Row have been on land now for about 24 hours and are gradually adjusting to life back on land. We had a chance to catch up with a couple of the crew this morning after their first restful night.

Juhno Choi, the first and only Korean to row ANY ocean said that laying in a comfortorable bed was what he was most looking forward to last night. However, after becoming so used to sleeping in such an uncomfortable spot for such a long time on board Danielle, Choi actually found his comfortable hotel bed to be a little … uncomfortable! We are sure he will get use to beds again very quickly.

But even better for Choi was the walk he had along Waikiki Beach this morning.

“I walked on the Waikiki Beach and I looked out at the ocean and I couldn’t see the other side – there was no limit to the water in front of me. But I crossed that ocean. The experience I had, just completely felt like a dream. It was a great experience and one that I had never imagined, but I did it. For five months, I have been thinking about crossing the finish line, and reaching the finish has made me very happy.”

For Andre Kiers, the two best things for him were the shower at this hotel and the Hawaiian coffee.

“I stood there under the shower and made it hot, then made it cold, then made it hot again.”

Why not! As for the coffee, Uniting Nations Row did not take any caffeine on board, so that first cup of Kona coffee was espeicailly delicious for Andre this morning.

Today their boat Danielle will go through final scrutineering and boat clean up. The team is anxious to welcome the next team into Waikiki, which could be as soon as tomorrow.


  1. Uniting Nations: FINISHED – 43 Days, 5 Hours, 30 Minutes, Rowed 2283 NM
  2. Battleborn: ROWING – 75 NM to finish, Rowed 2241 NM
  3. NOMAN: ROWING – 337 NM to finish, Rowed 1997 NM
  4. Pacific Warriors: ROWING – 598 NM to finish, Rowed 1740 NM
  5. Fat Chance: ROWING – 603 NM to finish, Rowed 1826 NM
  6. Boatylicious: ROWING – 811 NM to finish, Rowed 1520 NM
  7. CC4 Pacific: ROWING – 1133 NM to finish, Rowed 1327 NM

Elsa Hammond: ROWING – New route to Mexico (destination TBC); Rowed 709 NM

Pacific Rowers: Retired
Row for Hope: Retired
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Clearly Contacts CA: Withdrawn
Project Flight Plan: Withdrawn