Day 24 Race Report

Posted on July 3, 2014 in Battleborn, Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Crews, Elsa Hammond, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, NOMAN, Pacific Warriors, Uniting Nations


LEAD BOATS: Winds from the ENE @ 12 to 18 knots. Seas from the S moving to the NNW @ 6 feet / 10 -17 seconds.
MIDDLE BOATS: Winds from the NE @ 14 to 20 knots. Seas from the NW moving to the S @ 7-8 feet / 11-17 seconds.
BACK OF THE FLEET BOATS: Winds from the NNW @ 11 to 16 knots. Seas from the NW @ 7 feet / 8 seconds.

Today is Day 24 of the race and Uniting Nations has officially crossed the half way mark!  Based on the race distance of 2,100 NM, in the last 24 hours, Uniting Nations has gone from 1082 NM to go down to 1028 NM.  They are more than half way there!  Congratulations to our team of Craig Hackett, Caspar Zafer, Andre Kiers and Junho Choi.

The name Uniting Nations has great meaning for this team.  If they can hold onto their lead, they will accomplish several firsts.  They will be the first ever four man team, Juhno Choi will be the first Korean and Craig Hackett will be the first New Zealander to row the Pacific. A trilogy of firsts!  If they keep up this pace, they should arrive in Hawaii around the week of July 20th. Congratulations guys on achieving this milestone.

At the other end of our leader board, Elsa Hammond / Elsa Hammond’s Solo Pacific Row, continues on her quest to head west.  Stronger weather is heading her way, so she is making as many preparations as possible to her broken oars.  She has learned that a little ingenuity can go a long way as she tries to make repairs.

Her first oar repair utilised the shaft of an existing oar to splint the broken one. However, the added weight made rowing difficult so Elsa decided to cut the wooden handle off the splinting oar to make it significantly lighter. Halfway through the cut, the hacksaw broke.  After numerous attempts at mending the hacksaw and making slow progress she eventually gave in, donned a pair of gloves, grabbed the hacksaw blade in her hands and finished the job.  At least the fix is strong and as Elsa reports “Thank goodness for zip ties – I brought a lot, but now I’m wishing I’d brought even more.”


Elsa Oar

The girls on Team Boatylicious have closed the gap between them and the French team CC4 Pacific to only 5 NM.  Team Fat Chance Row are close behind the girls at a distance of only 19 NM.   According to a recent blog, however, the girls have their “eyes fixed on the Green Giants of Pacific Warriors!”   This will take a bit more rowing for our all girls team as there are 174 NM separating these two boats.  The girls are making progress in the right direction.  Starting from last Tuesday, they have decreased this distance by about 12 NM.  Keep it up ladies!  There is still a lot of ocean out there and anything is possible.

The Pacific Warriors, like Uniting Nations, have been keeping very quiet with limited reports and updates.  We do know, however, that Pacific Warriors would have liked to have more hard candies on board.  Perhaps the girls could share some of their skittles when they catch up.

According to Race Director Chris Martin “There is a blanket of 90-100% cloud cover for many of the boats in the fleet.”  As all our teams must rely on their solar panels to re-charge batteries and other equipment on board this cloud cover in the middle of the course is causing a few power issues for some of our teams.  Team Battleborn was able to report that they are drained of power and are anxiously awaiting sunnier days so they can re-charge their batteries.   Today’s radio broadcast on FLASH FM Internet Radio was not possible, but they will try again on tomorrow.  (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, 21:00 BST / 13:00 PST)

In addition to the possible changes in our leader board between CC4 Pacific, Team Boatylicious, and Fat Chance Row, other teams have shown gains and losses between each other although the distances between boats are much greater.  Team NOMAN is slowing pulling away from the Pacific Warriors, averaging a little more than a 6 NM gain per day over the last six days.  There are 119 NM between the Pacific Warriors and NOMAN.  Battleborn, in the same timeframe, has managed to increase the distance between them and NOMAN by 70 NM.  There are now 231 NM between these two boats which hold the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

We close today with a quote from EPOCH Expeditions, Inc. that went out to the team of Pacific Warriors.   We all need to remember the incredible accomplishment of all the participants of this race, from each of our teams as they continue with the biggest, baddest human endurance challenge on the plant.

“No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”
-Helen Keller

Keep on rowing teams!

Solo Racers:
Project Flight Plan: Withdrawn
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Elsa Hammond: ROWING – Position 8; 2064 NM to finish, Rowed 420 NM
Row for Hope: Retired

Pair Racers:
Clearly Contacts CA: Withdrawn
CC4 Pacific: ROWING – Position 5; 1682 NM to finish, Rowed 745 NM
Fat Chance: ROWING – Position 7; 1706 NM to finish, Rowed 702 NM

Four Person Teams:
Battleborn: ROWING – Position 2; 1163 NM to finish, Rowed 1134 NM
Boatylicious: ROWING – Position 6; 1687 NM to finish, Rowed 585 NM
NOMAN: ROWING – Position 3; 1394 NM to finish, Rowed 922 NM
Pacific Rowers: Retired
Pacific Warriors: ROWING – Position 4; 1513 NM to finish, Rowed 817 NM
Uniting Nations: ROWING – Position 1; 1028 NM to finish, Rowed 1248 NM