Day 21 Race Report

Posted on June 30, 2014 in Battleborn, Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Elsa Hammond, Fat Chance, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, NOMAN, Pacific Warriors, Uniting Nations


LEAD BOATS: Winds from the ENE clocking to the NNW @ 9 to 14 knots. Seas from the NW @ 6 feet / 10-11 seconds.
MIDDLE BOATS: Winds from the N @ 12 to 17 knots. Seas from the WNW @ 7-8 feet / 11-12 seconds.
BACK OF THE FLEET BOATS: Winds from the NW @ 9 to 12 knots. Seas from the WNW @ 8-9 feet / 12 seconds.

Music abounds on row boats this week.  From recent posts, we learn that our French team on board CC4 Pacific sing early in the morning “to the Stork to make her go faster.”  Musical choices on board include Barry White or Richard Cocciante.

To keep things interesting, the have also changed the lyrics of the song ‘Le coup de soleil’ – “J’ai attrapé un coup d’soleil, un coup d’ RAME, un coup d’je t’aime.”

While the French have been singing, our girls on Boatylicious have closed the gap on them to only 32 NM. The rowers on Pacific Warriors have also been able to increase their lead over the French by 24 NM.

Fat Chance Row, our other pairs team is also exploring their musical choices.  Sami Inkinen reports:

“Suffering was interrupted by a couple of nature wonders, as I was rowing and blasting our deck hi-fi system (on of two speakers still working) and as soon as Lenny Kravitz changed to Classical, a whale elegantly glided to the surface.  If I was religious, I’d say it was a Sign, but now I just think whales don’t dig Lenny, more Beethoven.”

With their variety of musical choices and utilising their unconventional rowing method of rowing together then resting together, Fat Chance Row has closed the gap between them and the Boatylicious girls to only 33 NM.  This is the area of the leader board where we could see some changes.

At the front of our fleet, the Battleborn boys have been listening to albums by Cathy Davey – ‘Tales of Silversleeve’ and Urban Mojo Blues Band – ‘Untitled’.  They have managed to keep the distance between them and Uniting Nations exactly the same for the last two days at 131NM.  Battleborn has gained over Noman, increasing their separation to 182 NM.  Battleborn has also been heard on the radio as they called in to one of their sponsors, FLASH FM Internet Radio for an interview.

We are still waiting for the first report of Hawaiian music being played on board.

Solo Racers:
Project Flight Plan: Withdrawn
Rowing 4 Reefs: Retired
Elsa Hammond: ROWING – Position 8; 2062 NM to finish, Rowed 388 NM
Row for Hope: Retired

Pair Racers:
Clearly Contacts CA: Withdrawn
CC4 Pacific: ROWING – Position 5; 1763 NM to finish, Rowed 648 NM
Fat Chance: ROWING – Position 7; 1828 NM to finish, Rowed 568 NM

Four Person Teams:
Battleborn: ROWING – Position 2; 1322 NM to finish, Rowed 970 NM
Boatylicious: ROWING – Position 6; 1794 NM to finish, Rowed 467 NM
NOMAN: ROWING – Position 3; 1504 NM to finish, Rowed 788 NM
Pacific Rowers: Retired
Pacific Warriors: ROWING – Position 4; 1610 NM to finish, Rowed 714 NM
Uniting Nations: ROWING – Position 1; 1191 NM to finish, Rowed 1082 NM