Statement from Team

Posted on June 24, 2014 in Clearly Contacts - Row the Pacific, General, Great Pacific Race 2014

Yesterday we were informed by the organisers of the Great Pacific Race that if we departed from Monterey for Hawaii now, so far after the race start on June 9th, that they would be unable to provide us with any support whilst at sea and have urged us not to attempt an ocean passage at this time.  In the light of recent rescues the USCG had also highlighted to the race organisers their reduced search and rescue resources available in the deep offshore environment.

After giving the matter heartfelt consideration, I made the very difficult decision to postpone the row at this time.

The Team campaign has been a long and fruitful one with the support of so many generous, inspiring people, and organizations.  I greatly value the support of the campaign’s sponsors and charities and would never do anything to potentially damage their reputation by association.

The set-backs of the past few weeks are a lot to process and “recalculating” has been a challenge in itself.

The Great Pacific Race is an amazing event with potential to become a bi-annual success.  I do not want to do anything to jeopardize the future of the event or the future of the sport.

I’d like to thank Lia Ditton for stepping in to replace Leanne Zrum at such short notice.  In the five days we worked together I learned a lot and the Honey Badger is a better boat for having her onboard even for such a short time.

As far as future plans are concerned, I’m going to take some time to decide my next move. The good thing is that I have a boat, and am set for another attempt when I am ready.