Statement on Jim Bauer / Row for Hope

Posted on June 22, 2014 in Great Pacific Race 2014, Jim Bauer’s Row for Hope

Solo rower Jim Bauer / Row for Hope has retired from the Great Pacific Race.

At approximately 03:00 on Sunday, June 22, the organisers of the Great Pacific Race received a call from the US Coast Guard asking for an updated position on Jim Bauer and his ocean rowing vessel Liv. The USCG had received a call from Bauer via satellite phone reporting that his vessel was taking on water.

At the time Bauer was 53 NM east of Morro Bay, CA.

We were able to increase the frequency with which the satellite tracking beacon (that each boat carries) reports its position to more accurately determine the position of Liv for the USCG.

The support vessel Galen Diana was 57 NM north and approximately 9 hours from Bauer’s position. The USCG Sector 11 – San Francisco extracted Bauer by helicopter in the early hours of the morning.

Bauer was dropped off at Monterey Airport where he was checked over by an EMT and although in reasonable medical health was transferred to a local hospital for further checks.

Bauer will retire from the Great Pacific Race. We continue to monitor the position of the vessel and will attempt to recover her at a suitable time.

Our thanks go out to the members of USCG Sector 11 – San Francisco for their actions in ensuring the safety of the participants in the Great Pacific Race.