Multiple Starts – How are teams scored?

Posted on June 15, 2014 in General, Great Pacific Race 2014

The Great Pacific Race officially started on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 10:00 am.  At that time, seven boats officially crossed the start line in Monterey Bay, CA.  These teams included the solo teams of Elsa Hammond and Jim Bauer, the pairs teams of Clearly Contacts and CC4 Pacific and the crews of four which included Battleborn, Pacific Warriors and Uniting Nations.  Next week it is anticipated that the remaining teams, and those who have returned to shore, will start or re-start the race.  With multiple starts, teams starting and then returning to shore, how will it all work?  Here are some answers.

Why didn’t everyone start at the same time?
It was expected that all boats would start at the same time.  However, some boats had logistical challenges with their shipping and arrived late to the pre-start period. They also hadn’t passed their boat safety scrutineering process which meant they had not been cleared to race.  Several of these teams, such as Project Flight Plan, Rowing 4 Reefs, Pacific Rowers and NOMAN, headed to the start area in support of the other boats, but they did not officially cross start line.

At 10:00 PT, Monday, June 9th, 2014 the race clock started for the inaugural Great Pacific Race.  That clock applies to anyone participating in the race, whether they crossed the line on June 9th or not.  The clock is ticking.

Can the boats that didn’t start still race?
With Ocean Rowing and the geographic and tidal conditions around Monterey Bay, it is very important that boats are able to row away from the shore in a rather timely manner.  Due to their small size, and also depending on the number of crew on board, getting away from shore can be a challenge.  If the winds are too strong, teams will be pushed back to shore.  Therefore, there are weather windows which open which allow proper conditions for teams to be able to make it out past Point Pinos and into the open waters of the Pacific.  There was an open weather window from June 9 until about mid day on June 11.  Two additional teams were able to leave the dock during that window.

It is anticipated that the next weather window will open on June 17 and close around June 19.  We expect that all remaining boats will start, or re-start, during that time.

No boats will be allowed to start after this next weather window closes.

If a boat started late, or re-started, how are they scored?
Times for the Great Pacific Race are counted from the start time of the race which is 10:00 PT, June 9, 2014 until the time of finish, regardless of an actual later start time.

Teams participating in this inaugural race are also eligible for speed and Guinness World Records.  Speed record times are based on time from land to land, with no tow.  All teams, regardless of start date, are eligible for these records.