Day 3 Race Report

Posted on June 12, 2014 in Battleborn, Boatylicious, CC4 Pacific, Crews, Elsa Hammond, Fat Chance, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, Jim Bauer’s Row for Hope, NOMAN, Rowing 4 Reefs, Team Pacific Rowers

Teams are getting into the rhythm of being out at sea, and are starting to learn a few lessons while out there. Our solo crews continued to fight to get out of Monterey Bay last night. Daryl Farmer / Rowing 4 Reefs report:

“It’s just really hard to make progress. Then you have to sleep and …”

As we could all see from the race tracker, he continued to head toward the shore.

“The first 24 hours passed with cruel winds making this a demoralizing start for all soloists out there. Battling unfavorable winds and sea sickness, getting away from land is a challenging one!”

By this morning, the wind had won against two of our solo rowers as both Jim Bauer / Row for Hope and Daryl Farmer / Rowing 4 Reefs decided to head in and wait out the weather. Both plan on heading out again with the remaining crews, when the next weather window opens for departures. Elsa Hammond / Elsa Hammond’s Pacific Solo Row managed to break out of the clutches of the Monterey Bay and is making great progress in heading toward Hawaii.

Our French team on CC4 Pacific reported in that they had broken a navigation light and were working on repairs today in daylight. They also posted that the Pacific Ocean is “high and powerful waves” and what they are calling “carrier winds” which have turned their row boat into a “toboggan” to Hawaii as they are on “some sort of a slide toward Hawaii.”

The race is heating up between the fours. After a delayed departure from Monterey yesterday morning, due to watermaker problems before the start, NOMAN made it out into the open waters very quickly and have rowed straight into 4th place as of this writing. With NOMAN now at sea for just over 24 hours, Don Hoover, Staff Commodore of the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club and NOMAN team host said that it was bitter sweet to see the boys go. He was happy to see the boys off on this great adventure, but “having been out there before as a member of the US Coast Guard, I know what the ocean is like, so I know what they are going to face.” Hoover was confident, however, that these young boys were up for the challenge. Race Director Chris Martin reminds us that while teams are at sea, there is a limited about of communication. For Team NOMAN, having seen the race track of the other crews and putting in a super human effort to get away from land has allowed them to make significant progress during their first 24 hours at sea.

It appears that Uniting Nations is attempting to take the shortest possible route, which can be advantageous, but according to Martin, “their angle of attack in relation to the wind currently means their progress is slower than others running more with the wind.” This could be just the advantage other teams need to catch the leaders. But we are still very early on in an extremely long race.

Race Director Chris Martin spoke with team Battleborn this morning and the team were caught by surprise by the fact that they were so close to team Uniting Nations. The team had faced a few issues on board with Dan Kierath suffering from a little sea sickness, as well as broken foot steering which was causing them some issues. Out in the ocean, it was up to those on board to fix the problem and the crew were confident that their solution was holding up well. They saw a few dolphins on their first day out, but have not seen much ocean life since.

MEANWHILE, BACK ON SHORE  Pacific Rowers kept busy with scrutineering while their boat received a few touch ups over at the Monterey Bay Boatyard. Part of the safety check is to make sure that each team can get into their survival suit in under 60 seconds. This has become a bit of a contest between crews to see who can get the best time. Team Boatylicious is also undergoing the scrutineering process. Life jackets were inflated, grab bags checked, flares accounted for, along with the rest of the long laundry list of items on the scrutineer’s checklist to ensure the safety of the teams participating in this race. Next up with scrutineering will be Fat Chance.

Here is a video from Team Pacific Rowers of their Survival Suit Test.  It was fun for all!



Solo Racers:

Project Flight Plan: Waiting for next start/ weather window

Rowing 4 Reefs: Returned to Safe Harbor; Waiting for next start/ weather window

Elsa Hammond: ROWING – Position 6; 2073.9 NM to finish

Row for Hope: Returned to Safe Harbor; Waiting for next start/ weather window

Pair Racers:

Clearly Contacts CA: Returned to Safe Harbor; Waiting for next start/ weather window

CC4 Pacific: ROWING – Position 5; 2057.7 NM to finish

Fat Chance: Undergoing Scrutineering

Four Person Teams:

Battleborn: ROWING – Position 2; 2008.5 NM to finish

Boatylicious: Undergoing Scrutineering

Pacific Rowers: Undergoing Scrutineering

NOMAN: ROWING – Position 4; 2043.7 NM to finish

Pacific Warriors: ROWING – Position 3; 2041.4 NM to finish

Uniting Nations: ROWING – Position 1; 2004 NM to finish