Day 2 Race Report

Posted on June 11, 2014 in Battleborn, CC4 Pacific, Elsa Hammond, General, Great Pacific Race 2014, Jim Bauer’s Row for Hope, NOMAN, Pacific Warriors, Project Flight Plan, Rowing 4 Reefs, Uniting Nations

WEATHER FORECAST:   Winds continue to challenge the fleet with south westerly winds pushing many crews into the centre of Monterey Bay. Over the next 24-48 hours the winds are expected to strengthen and swing round clockwise to come more from the north west giving them the chance to make some southerly progress.


At 11:49 today, Team NOMAN is an Island: Race to end HPV left the docks at the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club to join the other teams racing in the Great Pacific Race.  There was a bit of a mad dash to get the team of Nick Kempster, Mark Gleeson, Jack Carter and Chris Blacketer to the line before the weather window allowing safe departure of the four man team would close.  The crew, along with Race Director Chris Martin, were up until the wee hours of the morning to install an operational watermaker into Isabel, their rowing boat.  After doing final tests on their new equipment a little later this morning and packing up the boat, they pushed off from the docks with cheers of “go get them” coming from their fans, other rowers still at the docks and race organizers.

Team NOMAN shoved off about 18 hours after solo racer Daryl Farmer pushed off from the dock.  Farmer pushed hard during his first several hours of rowing and appeared to have made it beyond Point Pinos in good time.  However overnight he was pushed back into Monterey Bay, where he was in the company of fellow solo racers Elsa Hammond and Jim Bauer who have been circling inside the bay since the start last Monday.  Strong prevailing winds have made getting around Point Pinos the biggest challenge, especially for the solo rowers who have all deployed a parachute anchor while sleeping to avoid drifting backwards too far.  In today’s daylight hours, all the solo racers are heading out to the mouth of Monterey Bay once again to try to get beyond this elusive point.  Mary Rose of Project Flight Plan is the only solo racer still on shore.  A medical kit being shipped from the UK had been delayed in US Customs and an electrical fix needed to her boat identification system have prevented Mary from joining the race.  Today, just after the weather window closed, with her electrical issue fixed, the package arrived.  Mary, along with the other remaining crews, will need to wait until June 16 or 17 when the next weather window opens for them, allowing them to depart.

The French team of CC4 Pacific are starting to make the break into the deeper waters of Monterey Canyon.  According to Race Director Chris Martin, “Once teams pass over the threshold, the waves become more of a rounded swell than choppy onshore waves allowing for more comfortable rowing.”  In other news for the French from their shore team, the two cousins of Clement and Christophe reported they “rowed many [hours] and are not moving as much as they would like because winds and current. They have bad back but their morale is always fixed. They saw their first whale today!”

The race in on for our two leaders of Uniting Nations and Battleborn.  Only eight miles separate these four person crews as they race toward the trade winds which will carry them to Hawaii and the finish line.

The Pacific Warriors appeared to be heading to Santa Cruz, CA instead of heading toward Hawaii.  They reported in that their compass would only point in the direction of the boat.  On the Yellowbrick Tracker on you can almost pinpoint the moment they discovered that they had placed NASA water sampling equipment (which unknown to the crew had a number of magnets in) a little too close to their compass.  After this discovery, they texed in “All going to plan. Hide and watch :)”  They are now heading in the right direction, and just in time to celebrate crew member Susannah Cass’ birthday, which is today, June 11.

Reports from crews have been light in these early days as they all are getting into the rhythm of their individual team rows.  In the coming days, we anticipate this will change with reports coming in from on board the boats.


Solo Racers:

Project Flight Plan: Waiting for next start/ weather window

Rowing 4 Reefs: ROWING

Elsa Hammond: ROWING

Row for Hope: ROWING

Pairs Racers:

Clearly Contacts CA: Returned to Monterey; Waiting for next start/ weather window

CC4 Pacific: ROWING

Fat Chance: Undergoing Scrutineering

Four Person Teams:

Battleborn: ROWING

Boatylicious: Undergoing Scrutineering

Pacific Rowers: Undergoing Scrutineering


Pacific Warriors: ROWING

Uniting Nations: ROWING