Start Delayed 48 Hours & Prologue Event Announcement

Posted on June 3, 2014 in General

Due to high winds gusting to 40 knots  forecasted in the offshore area for the period immediately after the scheduled race start, the race officials have taken the decision to postpone the race start by 48 hours.  The race is now scheduled to start at 10am on Monday 9th June.

Whilst winds like these will certainly be encountered by the crews at some time in the race, we are particularly keen to avoid them in the first few days of the race in order to:

  • Enable to crews to quickly make a safe distance from land after the start.
  • Give crews time to aclimatise to life at sea before having to cope with severe conditions.

On Saturday 7th June we will run a single-day prologue event for all crews around the Monterey Bay area, from the same startline, at 10am.  Further information will be posted on this in the next few days.

Further start delays are possible depending on how the weather forecast develops.  The situation will be reviewed on Thursday 5th June 2014, and any updates will be posted here, and communicated to the crews directly.