A Message To All Crews From Geoff Allum

Posted on May 26, 2014 in General

Ocean Rowing legend Geoff Allum has today sent us the following message for our crews:

I think that if I could say anything to the crews it would be that in the organising and detail of putting together an ocean rowing voyage it’s easy to lose sight of what a truly great adventure this is…..it really is, without exaggeration, the adventure of a lifetime, they won’t get this chance again. They are going to ROW THE PACIFIC……only a few years ago, when all this started, we all thought that the Atlantic was one thing, but the Pacific…..well, that’s another thing entirely. As you know I discussed Pete’s voyages with him many times and he was my greatest friend in the rowing world. The thing that marked him out from the rest of us, and certainly me, was his monumental patience, Pete always took it one day at a time….button down and plod on. And he was brave. There was no bravado or swank about him, he was the genuine article. Your crews are about to discover who they really are, taking part in one of the greatest adventures left on earth.

Love Geoff xx

Geoff Allum was the first to row the North Atlantic East-West in 1971, and was a close friend of Pete Birdrecord-holder for the longest time at sea.  Pete, to whom one of our race trophies is dedicated, was sadly lost at sea in the Pacific in June 1996 on his 4th attempt at a Pacific crossing.

The pictures on this post show Geoff with his brother Don

Don and Geoff Allum Standing by QE3 in Barbados