Scrutineering team start checking the equipment on row boats

Posted on May 23, 2014 in Clearly Contacts - Row the Pacific, Crews

The scrutineering team have just started checking the boats to ensure they all comply with the race rules and are as safe as possible before they get put in the water next week.  This detailed check is conducted by the scrutineering staff all of whom have rowed on ocean before.  They check that the boats have all the mandated equipment,  that this is of the correct quality to survive an ocean row, that it is located in the safest place on the boat and that the crew know how to to use each item.

As you can imagine this is not a quick process so the team are eager to get started and highlight any major concerns as soon as possible.  This is why they have already started to look over some boats.  First up were the Canadian team of Clearly Contacts.