Team Pacific Rowers launch the #GPR10kmChallenge

Posted on January 14, 2014 in Team Pacific Rowers

Team Pacific Rowers have had a brilliant idea.  They quite simply can’t wait until the start of the Great Pacific Race (GPR) and so are challenging all the other crews to complete a 10km ergo in the fastest possible time.  The results are released when each team member tweets a photo of their score (click here to see an example) and in the tweet mentions four things:

  • Their name
  • Their time
  • Includes the hashtag #gpr10kmchallenge so we can keep track of all entrants.
  • Our twitter address @newoceanwave

We’ll provide a prize to the winning individual at the pre-race period in Monterey (24th May 2014 9am PST) which will also serves as a fitting end to the competition.  Also if anyone else (who isn’t participating in the Great Pacific Race) would also like to join in then you can and we will provide an extra prize to the person (who isn’t rowing across the Pacific) with the best time.

The judges decision is final (it’s only a bit of fun anyway).  We know that 10km isn’t that far but it’s certainly a reasonable distance that everyone can find time to do. Don’t tire yourselves out though. 10km is only 1/400th of the Great Pacific Race route!